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RIP Clark Terry

Discussion in 'General Jazz Discussions' started by J. Robert Bragonier, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. J. Robert Bragonier

    J. Robert Bragonier Maitre d' Forums Staff Member

    This is what his wife Gwen Terry has posted on Clark's Page:

    Our beloved Clark Terry has joined the big band in heaven where he'll be singing and playing with the angels. He left us peacefully, surrounded by his family, students and friends. Clark has known and played with so many amazing people in his life. He has found great joy in his friendships and his greatest passion was spending time with his students. We will miss him every minute of every day, but he will live on through the beautiful music and positivity that he gave to the world. Clark will live in our hearts forever.

    With all my love, Gwen Terry
  2. LASaxman

    LASaxman Active Member

    Even though this was expected, I am very much saddened at Clark's passing. I can't think of any other performer who brought so much joy and good humor to the music. And I feel privileged to have had some small personal and professional relationship with this great man.
  3. Bluetrain

    Bluetrain Active Member

    jacksonville, fl
    I don't have the words to say how much joy Clarke's playing has brought into my life over the years. A profound combination of wit, grace, elegance and soul, he was an absolute treasure.
  4. jazzbill

    jazzbill Maitre d' Forums Staff Member

    Austin, Texas
    Yeah, I also knew this would happen soon. But he left a wonderful legacy in jazz throughout the years so there's a lot of great music provided by CT that we can all enjoy. I understand he was a fun guy to be around as well. He'll be missed!

  5. jazzbill

    jazzbill Maitre d' Forums Staff Member

    Austin, Texas

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