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Discussion in 'Vinyl Science' started by Rudy, Apr 26, 2016.

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    I am running a Dynavector MC cartridge currently, but have been thinking of getting a backup cart.

    One on my short list is the Audio Technica AT33PTG/II, which is only available in Japan. It is readily available on eBay from a few reliable sellers, and it is even listed on Amazon now. Street price is ~$500.

    For starters, I am not a fan of Audio Technica MM carts--even back in the 70s, I found them unpleasantly bright and forward. Any I've heard in recent years haven't changed much, although I have not played with loading, which tames that substantially.

    Yet I have never heard an AT moving coil, and they have many in their lineup. Most familiar is the OC9 series, which I believe is now up to a version III. This AT33PTG/II is a low-output moving coil which features the Micro Line stylus (known for its great trackability).

    I've read a few comments about this one, but not from anyone I've known personally. A few comments I've read seem to feel this is better than the OC9. Any observations? Thoughts?

    A bit of cartridge pr0n... :wink:

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