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Discussion in 'General Jazz Discussions' started by jazzcat, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. jazzcat

    jazzcat New Member

    New to the forum. I've been looking for a forum discussing one of my favorite musical genres, and found this. A few on this board know me by the pseudonym "alpertfan". I like three different sub-genres of jazz: fusion, West Coast or "cool" and what used to be called, smooth jazz. I find it stimulating to discuss a favorite subject, and I look forward to many stimulating discussions here.
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  2. LASaxman

    LASaxman Active Member

    Welcome Jazzcat. This forum has been kind of languishing lately, but feel free to jump in. Perhaps you will stimulate some of us old-timers to express ourselves a little more.

    The most active current discussion is regarding BFT 107. BFT stands for "blindfold test". One member will compile some of his favorite music and share it (unidentified) with the others. Then we discuss it and try to identify it. If you are old enough you may remember the Blindfold Tests done by jazz writer Leonard Feather in Downbeat Magazine back in the day.

    If you are interested I'm sure it could be arranged for you to get music (12 tracks) of the current BFT.
  3. Bluetrain

    Bluetrain Active Member

    jacksonville, fl
    Yes, welcome jazzcat. There aren't too many regular posters here anymore, but a couple guys know west coast cool very well and I can discuss fusion with you. (But I don't think anyone here listens to 'light jazz.').

    You can try starting a thread on a general topic or a specific musician. You' ll probably get some input on it. And maybe you'll teach us a thing or two we didn't know.
  4. LASaxman

    LASaxman Active Member

    We do have a Herb Alpert fan, though. That would be JazzBill (Bill Bernardi).
  5. Dinosaur

    Dinosaur Member

    Western Australia
    Welcome Jazzcat,

    I'm fairly new around here myself, compared to those who have answered you so far.

    Apart from Louis who lives in Rio, I'm another Southern Hemisphere man who lives in Oz, though really an expat Brit of over 40 years.

    I listened to West Coast in the days of Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan and Art Pepper. Never really got in to Fusion in the 70s and I do like Herb Alpert, as I'm a great Latin Jazz lover.

    I compiled the last BFT and if it is still in my "Dropbox" I'll send a link.

    As Bluetrain commented, we could do with a new blood infusion!

    Cheers mate (to use the local idiom)

    Dinosaur (aka Peter)
  6. jazzbill

    jazzbill Maitre d' Forums Staff Member

    Austin, Texas
    Welcome jazzcat! Are you the alpertfan from the A&M Corner? I'm Capt. Bacardi over there. Not much interest in the smooth jazz stuff here, but like Bluetrain I'm a huge fusion fan, as well as the traditional and mainstream genres. Even some avant-garde (though Cecil Taylor can still drive me up a wall at times).

    Looking forward to your contributions!

  7. Kurt

    Kurt Active Member

    Welcome, jazzcat!

    I'm one of the longer-time members who's only able to drop by on occasion. I've always been a fan of west coast cool - I remember years ago when I'd visit my in-laws in the San Fernando Valley, I'd make it a point to visit Chumleys near the Burbank NBC studios, where a lot of legends hung out. My favorite night was a quintet led by Buddy Childers featuring Ray Reed; not a bad approximation, I thought at the time, of what the cats perhaps may have dug at the Haig. I think Milt Bernhardt was there that night too.

    Thinking back to those days, I remember catching Don Randi's fusion group Quest at the Baked Potato (the one near the Universal Studios)
  8. Rudy

    Rudy ♪♫♪♫♫♪♪♫♪♪ Staff Member

    I have been wanting to move this forum for a few years, so it is nice to have something usable for a change. :laugh: I'm not quite sure what it will evolve into, but I've also set up a "Contemporary Jazz and Beyond" section where we can stretch things out a bit. Once I iron out the rest of the technical issues here, I'll start a few assorted threads here to help kick up some interest, perhaps spotlighting a few artists we could discuss. And I know a couple of the guys from the other parts of this forum had wanted to talk about jazz as well, so they might pop in here too. One of our members, @bdiament (Barry Diament), is a well known recording/mastering engineer (some of us probably own at least a few popular recordings he he has touched over the years), and has released some audiophile recordings on his own Soundkeeper label that might be of interest.

    BTW, we started this site back on Sept. 8, 1997, when I first registered the name. We'd started off the site with reviews--hundreds of them--and there's a chance that part of the site could be resurrected, now that we have a better system to organize them with.

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