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    Does the smell of resin core solder or freshly-cut particle board bring back good memories? Do you find reading resistor color codes or calculating speaker enclosure dimensions exciting? Have you fussed over microphones and mixing boards to create the perfect three-minute pop masterpiece?

    Well, guess what? We have the perfect place for you! The DIY Workshop is where we can discuss these projects. If you have built some masterpieces in the past, tell us about it! If you are embarking on a new project, start a "build thread" so we can follow along. Have questions about a project you're thinking about tackling, or stuck in the middle of a project and need advice? This is the place to ask! Can't find the parts you are looking for? Maybe one of your fellow hobbyists can help you out!

    As expected, audio, video, music and electronics projects are welcome here. But hey, we're flexible too! If you've built or upgraded your own computer, go ahead an post it! Did you install a killer car stereo system? Share it! And what about the classic restored car you've wrapped around your car audio system? What the heck...let's see it!

    We look forward to seeing your projects here!

    -= Rudy =- and your Speakeasy Staff
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