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BFT 107

Discussion in 'General Jazz Discussions' started by Dinosaur, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Dinosaur

    Dinosaur Member

    Western Australia
    "six degrees of separation...!"
  2. Dinosaur

    Dinosaur Member

    Western Australia
    A few reflections on the answers.

    Bill suggested that #3 could be an Aussie and he was right. Dale Barlow has been around a few years now and I believe has even played with the Jazz Messengers.

    David nailed "Lockjaw" on # 7. I prefer Herbie Mann's version , but that would have been too easy. He also got Rollings with the MJQ #9

    Ken got #1 and #11 and reckoned I had raided his record collection :tongue:

    Luis told me the exact recording of #1. I love that track and thought it a perfect opening.

    Most got Stanley Turrentine #5 as they did "Sweets" Edison on # 12 though the tenor baffled most.

    I think my favourite is #2. Sean Jones is new to me but there is a lovely "laid back" feeling to this track

    I admit my selection was very "middle of the road" but most seemed to enjoy it. I will now crawl back into my cave.


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