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Login, Password Reset and Registration Info

Please read this notice for important information regarding member accounts at the Speakeasy Forums.

Due to the new encryption system in XenForo, current Speakeasy members will need to reset their password on first access to the new forum. To do so, click on the Forgot your Password? link in any login window, and enter the email address which you used to sign up to the forum with.

You may also click here to reset your password.

Note, too, that you will be still using your original login name from the old SMF forum system. (This differs from your "display name" which you may or may not have changed in your SMF forum profile.)

A few users have reported minor hiccups logging in after the password reset--if this is the case, attempt to log out, close your browser, reopen it and access the site again. This should help you get logged in properly.

If you encounter any difficulty in resetting your password or logging in, please contact us at bartender@audiospeakeasy.com for assistance. If all else fails, we can manually assign you a temporary password to get back in.

New users: register for our forum as you normally would. To combat spam, our staff manually activates all new forum registrations. We usually activate memberships as soon as one of our staff logs in.

Thanks, and welcome to the new Speakeasy forum!

-- The Speakeasy Staff

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