The Benefits of Registration

Inside you will find information about the benefits of registering for access on our forum.

Thank you for visiting the Speakeasy Forums! We hope to make your stay an enjoyable one. Our forums discuss many topics related to music collecting and listening, and we can assure you that we have many discussion areas which you may be interested in. Our forums are a central discussion point for a variety of related websites, so if you have discovered the Speakeasy by way of one of our sites, or directly as a result of a recommendation or outside link, welcome aboard!

Like most forums, visitors can only post messages if they register and become a member of the forum. Registration is easy--fill out the information requested, and your registration will be activated by our staff. (We currently activate accounts manually to help prevent spammers from signing up.) In addition to posting privileges, members also have the ability to view message attachments, and participate in forum areas that are viewable only to registered members.

Special limited-time offer: Until Feb. 28, 2011, membership fees for Gold membership status are waived! As long as you have signed up for the forum by this date, we will automatically give you Gold membership status, which enables you to view additional forum areas, change your custom user title, upload file attachments to posts, and other minor features that members find useful. After that time, these privileges will require a Gold membership.

Thank you for visiting the Speakeasy! We look forward to seeing you join our discussions!
Jan 31, 2011
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