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Navigating Our Forums

It's Just Talk is a collective community of forums, covering a wide range of topics related to music. The network was developed to combine several different forums into one area. These forums often tie to a website; the forums use our network as their central discussion point.

Due to the growing number of forum areas we host now, we have set up our forums slightly different. On first visit as a guest (and also before logging in), you will see quite a few of our forum areas displayed in public. When you first join, however, you will notice that many of the forum sections disappear: this is intentional.

To access these areas, go to your user drop-down menu (right above the search bar) and choose Preferences. Going further down on your preferences page you will see a section labeled, "Join These Forums." By checking off a box next to the areas you want to join, you will turn on the display of those forum areas.

To help assist you in navigating the forum, we have separate styles for each major forum section, each one hosting a unique logo based on the site that visitors came from. Our common areas are presented under the "It's Just Talk" banner.

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